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Who we are

As a start-up seeking funding you simply know what it takes to shake up the logistics sector. To take things to the next level, you are looking for partners in crime that have you covered along the way. You have come to the right place: Welcome to F-Log Ventures!

We are an independent venture capital fund managed by former business founders and seasoned investment managers. We focus on start-ups in need of Seed or Series A funding that have the potential to disrupt the logistics industry. We define logistical transactions as a merger of information, material, and financial flows. So it’s a given that young companies working to improve these areas pique our interest.

To save time and money on the way to building a successful company, we provide access to innovators and experts as well as the broad network of the entire Fiege Group – one of the most innovative and successful international logistics groups. Together we aim to pair up people, ideas, and capital to scale and support ground-breaking business models in our portfolio.

As a financial investor, we support young companies in the creation of outstanding value. Our focus for their next level growth is on VC metrics and exit perspectives.

What we do

We target companies that

“solve real problems”

Companies that take a customer-centric approach by applying a scalable business model with a focus on logistics.

“and have global potential”

Strong teams that open doors to global markets and shape the big players of tomorrow.

Our approach

“There’s money”

It is our conviction that our portfolio companies best benefit from our partnership while still in the very early stages of their development. Our initial investment therefore starts at € 500,000.

“and then there’s smart money”

Even though there is no blueprint on how to build a successful company, the possibility to receive support from one of Europe’s most successful logistics companies is surely an ideal shortcut on the way to scaling your business.

Smart money is not just a buzzword for us.
It’s our mission.

Our Portfolio

Cargo Stream

Cargo stream is a comprehensive end-to-end solution, managing the whole logistics chain in one place. It provides different values for all participants in the supply chain.

Clockwork is a digital delivery platform connecting global shippers to independent carriers working in local markets.

Closelink digitizes and optimizes the purchase of marine lubricants enabling purchasers in ship management companies to globally source lubricants, as one of the major supplies for a commercial vessel, and to compare offers among suppliers based on product price, availability, payment and delivery terms.

eYARD is a cloud based AI power optimization engine that helps container terminal operators to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Automated import container release for ocean carriers to reduce costs and generate additional revenue streams.

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Nautix is a digital collaboration workspace for the maritime industry. With Nautix, land-based operators, ship managers as well as other stakeholders can collaborate seamlessly with the remotest teams out at sea - the seafarers. Nautix’s digital collaboration workspaces are designed keeping user experience and next-level productivity at the centre. With all the tasks, communication, and files organized and easily accessible by teams across land and sea, Nautix is the single source of truth for all work-related communication.

Smartlane Transport Intelligence is a revolutionary scenario-based transport optimization and analytics engine. It enables fully-automated transport planning as well as industry-specific process mining capabilities. Big logistics companies thereby gain a new level of efficiency, reliability and transparency. The founders combine more than 25 years of experience in mobility and logistics data science.

Manage your storage operations in just a few clicks on Spacefill´s software. Professional temporary storage of 20 to 10,000 pallets in more than 3,000 partner warehouses in Europe.
TALPA Solutions

talpasolutions helps companies in the heavy industry to take better, faster and more reliable decisions in their daily workflows by offering data based actionable insights. The innovative company shapes the future of the industrial internet of things to make industries more productive, safe and sustainable by making data accessible and understandable.
Westphalia DataLab

WDL develops state-of-the-art AI technology integrated into the customer’s strategic and operational business. Their SaaS products enable anyone to benefit from data-based decision making and outstandingly accurate forecasts.

Say hello to our team

Andreas Pott
Andreas Pott

Andreas knows the ins and outs of strategic development, innovation, M&A, and global business development. He oversaw these fields in a top managerial position for many years. Taking start-ups to the next level of developing new business models motivates him day in, day out. His track record includes various successful investments – Rocketspace and Plug&Play trust his mentorship. He has a diploma in economics and mechanical engineering. As a family man, he spends his free time either at home or sailing.

Tanja Rosendahl
Tanja Rosendahl

Tanja has been involved in the venture capital market for 20 years. She helped build Gründerfonds Ruhr, a venture capital fund for start-ups of NRW.BANK while heading the venture fund's Digital&Tech team for eight years. Her last assignment before joining F-Log Ventures was with an M&A boutique firm that focused on technology and start-ups. Her expertise in investment management and exit processes made her the preferred expert that many Advisory Boards listened to. She relaxes with sportive activities, ideally on two wheels.

Tim Gudelj
Tim Gudelj

Tim holds a Master of Science from the Mercator School of Management. While studying, he founded a food business which he sold in 2015. Following his exit, his focus moved to the world of venture capital, which led him to the VC branch of NRW.BANK, where he managed investments into digitalisation and technology before joining F-Log Ventures. When not working, he spends his time mostly with friends or pursuing sports. He is also a big fan of Fortuna Düsseldorf, his local football club.

Michael Geers
Michael Geers

Michael brings a wealth of corporate experience to his role at F-Log Ventures. Not only did he oversee the development of holding and business strategies in an international logistics environment, he also managed strategy and digitalisation projects himself. He is very familiar with the ins and outs of partnering with companies and start-ups from his previous work. His business studies with stays in England and Indonesia form the basis for this. Football and squash keep him in balance.